Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The unknown commandments

The unknown commandments:

1. No human has, nor ever will, be able to define God, any god, nor any number of gods, nor any aspect of a god's existence, even though such a god or gods are certain to exist.

2. Thou shalt never be bored, just pay attention to the infinite, eternal awareness of existence.

3. Human perspective is among an infinite number of points of view, it cannot define ANY aspect of existence, except the awareness of existence.

4. Absolute goodness and absolute truth exist even though they also cannot be defined from the human perspective.

5. The essence of existence is the awareness of existence, which has no physical location, nor does it have a beginning or ending.

6. One cannot disrespect any other without first disrespecting oneself.

7. No physical aspect can give nor take away any aspect of existence.

8. The only true faith is the certainty that existence cannot be defined with certainty.

9. Belief in any ability to define any aspect of existence or to define a god for one's self or others is ultimately a deception leading to destruction of one's own and other's physical wellness.

10. Nothing physical has any permanent aspect nor even the slightest influence on the awareness of existence, which is a HOW and not a WHO!