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tangible and intangible

I actually believe that every person, beyond just humans, any sentient entity has an infinite set of ways to identify themselves, and an infinite set of ways to observe reality, no two of whom can ever experience any one else's point of view exactly...

If any one wants to define any aspect of reality, any characteristic of one's own existence or experience, then they are the only one who can actually do that, without beginning, without ending, without permission and without limits of any kind...

my own point of view is that I exist as an infinite, eternal, intangible awareness of every aspect of existence, right now, no after life, not even a before life, everything has existed forever, it just changes shape now and then :) no one created it...

as far as who I am physically, I am not any one physical entity, the human body is composed of particle physics and energy fields, none of which has any permanent state of being, it changes constantly, everything I need to exist, I have now...

I also think that reality moves at an infinite speed, it never pauses nor repeats anything, any time, it cannot be defined in human terms, it always existed, no one gave it, no one can take it away, we are intangible awareness of tangible changes...

these two aspects cannot be separated from each other, they are the yin-yang, we are aware of our own existence because we have both an intangible point of view, which stays the same and a physical presence, which always changes...

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Divine Moments; Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences - Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark included in her book, an experience which I had after my mother died. DIVINE MOMENTS, Page 118, paperback, 'A GOLDEN LIGHT'

Early in 1995, about one year before my mother's death, December 14, 1995, I saw a copy of the book Beyond the Light, written by P. M. H. Atwater. I seemed to have many of the personal attributes of the people she described as near death survivors. I could not clearly recall any NDE event except for a brief childhood episode after tonsil surgery under ether;
I wrote to her, and she sent seminar details;
I also realized that the medical community and other folks around Pittsburgh PA were interested or involved in NDE research. For example, one of the local hospitals was cooling bodies of the patients, and repairing their blood vessels near the brain stem. Patients who survived lost all awareness of who they were, and any other personal identity, including other skills such as reading and writing.
Dr. Atwater's research seemed to me to include reputable sources in the scientific and medical communities.
In May of 1996, six months after my mother's death on December 14, 1995, and very near my mother's birthday on May 9, I was preparing for a visit to the city of Pittsburgh by P. M. H. Atwater.
Dr. Atwater had given me three names and phone numbers to call for background information on her near death research, which she was scheduled to speak about in June 1996 at my invitation.
My first call was to a gentleman who hosted near death seminars in his home for many years. He was a dedicated skeptic and did not believe the experience was real.
The second person was the mother of young son. She and her son experienced an unusual event, and had been featured on a television show. However, she felt that people would inflate their experiences to get attention, as she did.

The third call lasted about 30 minutes. I do not recall any of the conversation. The woman had experienced a profound near death event, however, she sought no publicity and received none.
The woman in my third call was Nancy Clark, who put my story about this golden light in her book.
As soon as I hung up the phone after the third call, my room, which is about 9 feet high and 12 feet square, lit up with a wonderful, pale light. I had risen from my chair, just after the call, and immediately sat back down. The light lasted about 20 minutes, then went away.
About one year after my Light experience, I asked P. M. H. Atwater if she had informed her friend, Nancy Clark, about it. She stated that the Light experience had happened to many others after speaking with Nancy, so she had not mentioned mine!
Contributor's Comments on the Experience
Editor: Were there any psychological effects of the light?
My psychological interpretation of the light was that it consisted of, or included, the spiritual presence of my mother, who had died about six months before the light appeared;

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Android, Age One, a science fiction story

Android, Age One is a science fiction adventure based on a real event.

The author created the character, Android, from a child born with a
genetic anomaly called leukodystrophy. The trait occurs in the nuclear
family of the writer.

The fictional setting for the story reflects recent studies tracing
human female mitachondrial cell structures. The studies indicated that
all humans living now are descended from as few as two females who
lived on earth more than 100,000 years ago.

        Author: Anthony Chipoletti
The Story:

        Android is a child born to Onion Deergada and Noore Giandade.

        There is a hidden anagram message in the story. See panel below.

                           Table of Contents

       Chapter 1      Onion's Run                      200,075 years ago

       Chapter 2      The Tremors and the Trek         200,085 years ago

       Chapter 3      Onion's Motherhood               200,075 years ago

       Chapter 4      Onion's New Husband              200,060 years ago

       Chapter 5      Onion's Father as a Young Man    201,015 years ago

       Chapter 6      Onion's Childhood                201,005 years ago

       Chapter 7      Onion's Pregnancies              200,083 years ago

       Chapter 8      Onion's Brother                  200,082 years ago

       Chapter 9      The Race                         200,081 years ago

       Chapter 10     The Funeral and Marriage         200,080 years ago

       Chapter 11     The Reunion and Remarriage

       Chapter One - Onion's Run - 200,075 years ago

        Onion Deergada jogged gently along a quiet path in the pine
        forest. Cool air floated blousily past her trim figure. Her
        thoughts refreshed themselves. Android died five years ago,
        at the age of three, however the memory of his sleeping body
        pressed upon her shoulder even now.

        A more recent memory flashed into the peaceful path. Irene
        and Dare ... Onion knew her speed would never match Irene's.
        Still, the thought of having Dare to herself was compelling.
        Her marriage to Noore failed since Android's death. She and
        Noore were unable to conceive a divorce.

        "Mom!"  Nira called.

        "What are you doing here?" Onion resisted the intrusion.

        "We're going swimming. Do you want to go with us?"

        "Gram is bringing Rode home soon. I'll have to watch him."

        Onion felt a chill. She knew Rand would be home alone too.

       Chapter Two - The Tremors and the Trek - 200,085 years ago

        Daily, for almost six months, strong tremors shook the earth.
        Large calderas were erupting thousands of miles west of Onion's
        village. The high winds carried the dust eastward.

        Unable to control his direction, Noore Giandade sailed far to
        the east of his home. His small craft was at sea when the first
        wave of tremors started. Powerful currents from the west forced
        Noore's path for hundreds of miles. He landed at Negro Coast.

        "Hello, friend," Onion's voice greeted Noore.

        "I have caught some fish to be cooked," Noore responded.

        "You are welcome here," Onion encouraged.

        After Noore arrived, the community realized the extent of the
        damage caused by the earthquakes. They gathered in the village
        circle and made plans to relocate.

        They travelled by land to the east for several weeks. When they
        settled along the Great Rift Valley, Onion knew that she would
        have a home here for many years. Large herds of deer and buffalo
        trended by. Many fish wended the cool streams. The villagers had
        appointed Onion's father, Radoni, to provide them with food. He
        was an excellent hunter and fisherman.

        In addition to Noore, four extended families survived. Onion and
        Irene were the only unmarried females of child-bearing age. When
        the community settled, Irene chose to marry Don, whom she had
        known since childhood. Onion was growing closer to Noore.

        Radoni spoke gently to his daughter. He told her that he and her
        mother were growing old. They could not provide for her needs in
        the future. Onion smiled to herself. How comforting that Radoni
        believed in her future. Her mother added that they would help to
        take care of the children.

        Onion laughed. "How do you know I want to have children?"

        "You love children," her mother encouraged Onion's good humor.

       Chapter Three - Onion's Motherhood - 200,075 years ago

        Nira and Rode gratified Onion's mothering needs. Well, Rode did.
        Nira's fierce sense of competition made Onion wonder about their
        relationship. Nira's challenges aroused discomfort in everyone
        except Radoni. He encouraged her to play games and to fish with
        him. Nira beamed at her success in playing games. She inherited
        Noore's muscular body and strong jaw.

        Nira's brother, Rode, had been found during a hunting expedition
        by Noore and Radoni. His mother died soon after giving birth to
        Rode during a lonely journey from the north. Onion and Noore had
        recently lost Android to a fatal blood disorder and they adopted
        Rode without hesitation. Rode, a fair-haired child, grew strong
        and tan in the now sunny skies.

        Irene's sons, Dane and Erik, were excellent companions for Rode.
        Except for Nira's challenges, everyone treated Rode with gentle
        encouragement. Rode admired Radoni and spent many hours learning
        to hunt and fish. Irene and Don agreed to allow their sons to go
        with Rode and Radoni on the expeditions. They had also agreed to
        end their marriage after Irene and Dare made their relationship
        known. Onion's anguish at her secret affair with Rand caused her
        to envy Irene even more.

        Onion's family and friends were celebrating Nira's 9th birthday.
        Rand and his wife and children, Radoni, Gram, Noore, Irene, with
        her two sons, and Onion's elder brother attended.

        "I'm scared." Onion whispered to her brother, Anden.

        "You're scared," Anden said loudly, "how do you think I feel?"

        Onion realized the consequences of her decision to tell Anden
        about her affair with Rand.

       Chapter Four - Onion's New Husband - 200,060 years ago

        Gentle rain cooled the mid-summer air. Onion and Jay had been
        married for less than year. Onion knew that her third marriage
        would be a joyful one. Jay was so different from Noore and Gene.
        Jay was undefeatable. His spirit was lightly humorous and he
        held the same deep respect for God that Onion held. In addition,
        Jay and Radoni held each other in sincere respect. Jay was not
        as wealthy as Noore and not as poor as Gene. Jay was generous
        with his time. He devoted himself to Onion and the children.

        At the same time, Jay was able to discipline the children and
        provide a brave example to them. He was fearless and had been
        injured many times while protecting the children during their
        expeditions. He defended Onion during Nira's emotional bouts,
        without attacking Nira.

        Nira's son, Danny, was four years old. Nira was still a child
        in many ways. Her self-indulgence grew more resistant as Noore
        and Onion attempted to enforce their stoic rules on her. Rode
        was far more supple in his emotional response to Onion. He did,
        however, have a strong temper. Radoni's gentleness prevailed,
        and Rode took the example to heart. In contrast, Nira persisted
        in her challenges to Onion's patience. Nira chose to live with
        Ned, an outcast from his own family. They kept a small puppy
        and kitten for Danny to play with when he visited them.

        Danny, like Rode, attached himself to Radoni. Danny chose to
        live with Gram and Anden. Radoni continued hunting and fishing
        at age 81! Rode spent much of his time with his intended spouse,
        Niger, a lovely girl. Rode and Niger were bold explorers and
        spent many hours searching the forest for hidden treasures.

        Anden, in his mid-fifties, spent much of his time with Danny.
        Danny was a delightful child, harmlessly mischievous, and
        willing to include others in the possession of even his most
        treasured toys.

        "You can have it," were some of Danny's earliest words.

        Offering anyone his well-worn toys, Danny always drew a smile
        on even the most somber of faces.

        Danny's father had been killed while hunting, long before Danny
        was born. Rather than mourn his loss, Danny had a keen sense of
        humor. He called Jay "daddy" and the father of his young friend,
        Reed, "my dad."  Reed's mother, born during the tremors, gave
        birth to a daughter, near the time of Danny's fourth birthday.
        Reed, having lost his only-child status, came to play with Danny
        more often. Jay's children, Mary, age six, and Jay, ten, were
        constant companions. Behaviors imitated by the younger children
        were not always those desired by the adults.

       Chapter Five - Onion's Father as a Young Man - 201,015 years ago

        Radoni was 24 years old. His five brothers and four sisters held
        a party with many friends and family members. Radoni, the eldest
        child, had worked ten long years to feed and clothe his family.
        Their father had been injured then, and Radoni willingly became
        the provider.

        Radoni's brother, Neld, stood up.

        "I wish to honor my brother, Radoni, for taking care of us."

        "Alright, alright," Radoni blushed, "let us eat now."

        Tribes across the Central Divide were rumored to be in battle.
        Radoni's brothers talked of nothing else. They gathered every
        day in the village circle to plan a journey to the north. Many
        of the young men wanted to go in order to detect any fighting
        that might spread south.

        Carrying their weapons and loading the carts and pack animals,
        the men prepared for the dangerous trek. The women gathered and
        wept for their loss. Memories of past battles and so many lives
        shattered by war haunted the elders.

        Again, Neld spoke for the group.

        "I would like to express my gratitude to all who are with us."

        Radoni, recently married, stayed in order to provide the people
        with food and supplies. Radoni's son, Anden, was born within a
        year of the departure.

        A few weeks after the young men departed, travelers from the
        north confirmed the rumors of a battle hundreds of miles north
        of the village. Many tribes sought new territories and revenge
        for conflicts long past. The expanse of the Central Divide and
        the rich northern resources made a southern attack unlikely.

        The conflict ended after several months of destruction. Many
        young men did not return to the village. Those who did return
        spoke of the bravery of their slain comrades. The villagers
        were thankful that the battle had not spread south.

        Onion was born near the time that the survivors returned. Some
        men had severe injuries and the villagers made shelters to care
        for the wounded. The small community expanded as new members,
        displaced by the war, came to reside in the south. Warm climate
        and open lands made the south attractive. Some of the men who
        returned were accompanied by wives they had met in the north.

        The conflict killed two of Radoni's brothers. Two surviving
        brother's married, one to a woman from the north, and one to a
        young woman from a nearby village. The youngest brother had
        stayed in the village and now requested Radoni's permission to
        travel far to the south.

        A celebration was planned and gifts were prepared for the trip
        of Radoni's brother. He was expected to remain in the south and
        to marry a young woman whom he had met during her visit to the

       Chapter Six - Onion's Childhood - 201,005 years ago

        Radoni's prestige grew as he continued to provide the community
        with needed goods and services. Many of the young adults spoke
        publicly about Radoni contributing to their families during
        their growing years. Onion and Anden admired their father.

        Onion's birth name was Marinde. At age 7 she had a disorder in
        her body's ability to process food. Her shape grew from that of
        a slim child to that of a bulbous onion. She never lost her good
        humor and called herself Onion from that time. The disorder had
        disappeared by Onion's tenth birthday. She spent more time with
        Radoni and with other children. Radoni led the children in their
        games and on expeditions.

        Onion learned to run long distances and to exercise for strength
        by watching Anden and the other children. Radoni organized teams
        and encouraged both boys and girls to play. Children from nearby
        villages joined the games. Radoni watched carefully to see that
        the rules were kept and that the children did not get injured.

        Anden, however, was injured many times during contact games with
        the older boys. At age 13 a front tooth was knocked out, and a
        few years later his nose was broken.

        The northern territorial wars gave the survivors an incentive to
        train the younger men as warriors. When Anden became an adult,
        he was assigned to an outpost northwest of the village. Anden's
        intelligence and physical fitness brought him many rewards as a
        warrior in spite of his small stature. After several months of
        training, Anden returned to the village and resided with Radoni.

       Chapter Seven - Onion's Pregnancies - 200,083 years ago

        The wars had also spawned the health care shelters, and a body
        of knowledge about general treatment of illnesses. After his
        military service, Anden worked and studied at the shelters.

        In the aftermath of the tremors and in the richness of the Rift
        Valley, the small community prospered. Onion and Noore married
        and were soon preparing for the birth of their first child. The
        child was a healthy girl. Onion called her Nira which was the
        name of Noore's mother.

        Two years after Nira's birth, Onion was pregnant with Android.

        "You must eat properly," Gram advised Onion.

        Since her childhood illness, Onion had managed to stay slim and
        physically fit. Gram had gained much extra weight when she was
        pregnant with Onion. Gram was worried that Onion would not eat
        well in order to prevent this. Onion, however, continued in good
        health throughout her second pregnancy.

        When Android was born, Noore named him Andoni after Radoni's
        father. Within six months of his birth, Andoni became severely
        stricken with convulsions. Treatment for the disorder could not
        cure Andoni, however his convulsions were prevented by a strong
        sedative. He remained in a comatose state until his death at age
        three. Onion nicknamed him Android, that is "mechanical doll,"
        since he made no movements at all while sedated.

        Anden continued to work at the health shelters. He discovered by
        speaking with Gram that other children in her ancestry had died
        in early childhood. Noore recalled such disorders from the oral
        histories of his homeland.

        About the time of Android's first birthday, Onion experienced
        severe depressions. She spoke to her brother about wanting to
        end her life. Anden had learned about treatments of the combat
        survivors for such symptoms. He arranged for Onion to be given
        one of these medications at the shelter.

        Onion resumed her distance running, and soon reported to Anden
        that she would not require further treatment. However, she did
        not disclose that Irene and Dare were supplying her with other
        substances which they had purchased during visits in the south.

        Effects from the substances and the burden of Android's disorder
        pressed upon Onion's emotional needs. Her marriage to Noore had
        been troubled by her depression and by Noore's inability to see
        Onion's dependence.

        By the time of Android's second birthday, Onion accepted help in
        the daily burden of caring for him. Gram and Radoni brought the
        child to live with them. Radoni's aged and disabled father also
        lived with Radoni.

       ****************THE PATH TO THE ANAGRAM MESSAGE******************

        The path to the anagram that inspired me started several years
        ago. I was reading the book Whole-Brain Thinking by Jacquelyn
        Wonder and Priscilla Donovan.
In the chapter called Suspenders,
        a panel refers to subliminal phrases which helped people to do
        well at dieting, trying to quit smoking and calming thoughts.
        The phrases most helpful were "Mommy and I are one" and "Daddy
        and I are one."

        I chose the phrase "God and I are one." Several years after I
        read the book, I found a computer program which took phrases
        and printed all the anagrams of the phrase. "Android, Age One"
        and the names Onion Deergada and Noore Giandade are anagrams of
        "God and I are one."


       Chapter Eight - Onion's Brother - 200,082 years ago

        Onion's brother, Anden, travelled to many nearby communities to
        work and learn at their shelters. He discovered that many women
        who had survived the conflicts now worked as physicians. One of
        these women, Jessica Lex, had collected a team of workers. She
        offered Anden a place to work in her shelter. Dr. Lex authored
        many references about blood disorders and kept a library filled
        with medical information. Anden spent all of his time working or

        Dr. Lex's daughter returned from a work-study session at a large
        city in the north.

        "This is Jaysee," Dr. Lex said.

        "Good to see you," Anden replied. Jaysee was very attractive!

        Dr. Lex had been wounded many times during the conflicts. She
        rescued many people and treated their wounds, often ignoring her
        own. Like many of the survivors, she was thin and tough. Jaysee
        inherited Dr. Lex's toughness, however she chose to study music.

        At their first meeting, Jaysee had not even spoken to Anden! She
        nodded briefly and left the shelter to rest from her journey. At
        the next encounter, she apologized.

        "My mother says that you spend all of your time working."

        Anden could not speak for a few moments, surprised and pleased
        to hear Jaysee's voice.

        "I -um, I do a lot of reading and running. Do you like to jog?"

        Jaysee and Anden agreed to meet at a competitive run a few days

       Chapter Nine - The Race - 200,081 years ago

        Onion joined Anden and Jaysee at the bottom of a steep grassy
        slope. Many other runners waited for the competition to start.
        All of them were men!

        "Are you sure women are included in this?" Onion asked Anden.

        "Anyone who wants to run can, however ..." Anden looked around.

        "Women are going to run this race!" A thin tough male spoke.

        "We're just beginners," Anden apologized, "we'll run behind the
         other runners so we will not interfere with the competition."

        The race began. About fifty men spurted up the hill. Anden,
        Onion and Jaysee jogged comfortably in their path. At the top,
        all of the other runners were far ahead. A clump of trees just
        beyond the top of the slope introduced the real challenge of the
        race. A steeper slope appeared to go up to the clouds!

        "I can't even see the other runners," Onion despaired.

        "We told them we would run last." Anden doubted.

        Jaysee encouraged them.

        "I have travelled hundreds of miles, this is just a few more."

        Onion laughed. Anden warned Onion and Jaysee to drop out of the
        race if they were too exhausted. Jaysee laughed.

        "We will carry you home, Anden," Jaysee promised.

        Onion ran gently for about eight miles.

        "I am quitting." Onion stopped and sat on the cool damp grass.

        "We'll see you at the finish line," Anden called.

        At eighteen miles, Anden began to limp.

        "I can't run," he stated without emotion, "I have blisters."

        Jaysee stopped. Anden did not want to delay her.

        "No, you can finish the race! Go ahead. I'll be fine."

        All the other runners passed by after the midpoint turn of the
        race. After walking a few miles back down the hill, Anden found
        Onion still sitting in the grass.

        "You have rested enough," Anden tried to be humorous.

        Onion refused to get up. Anden pulled her arm and she stood,
        then sat down again.

        "Come on! Jaysee is waiting for us at the finish line."

        Onion reluctantly reached her hand to the ground. As she lifted
        herself, her finger struck a sharp rock.

        "Aaauuch!," Onion screamed, "I think my finger is broken!"

        "You will heal," Anden retorted, pulling Onion up.

       Chapter Ten - The Funeral and Marriage - 200,080 years ago

        One week before Android's third birthday, his breathing became
        difficult. He had developed a lung infection and was not able to
        resist it. Early in the morning, before daybreak, he died. Onion
        refused to come to Radoni's home to see Android's body.

        "I want to remember him alive," she pleaded.

        Radoni prepared a funeral ceremony early the next day. Onion
        and Noore attended. Nira stayed with Anden at Radoni's home.

        "All gone, Android," Nira observed.

        Anden wept.

        After the burial, Jaysee wanted Anden to walk with her to the
        village circle to buy a gift for Onion. They stopped at a small
        cove near a stream. Jaysee had brought a blanket. They sat on a
        soft grassy plain hidden from the path to the village. Jaysee
        put her hand on Anden's arm. Quietly, they kissed. Comforting
        each other's grief, they made love and held each other weeping.
        They woke hours later and walked to the marketplace.

        "Here is a lovely coat," Jaysee wrapped herself in the garment.

        "It's really nice. Onion will love it," Anden agreed.

        When they returned, Gram was curious.

        "Where have you two been all this time? We were worried!"

        "We're fine," Anden assured, "we bought a fine coat for Onion."

        "That must have cost you too much," Gram offered to pay for it.

        "Don't be silly," Anden resolved, "Jaysee and I are both working
         and we want to do something for Onion ourselves."

        "Well, if you need money later, I'll help you," Gram promised.

        The promise of marriage between Jaysee and Anden was expected by
        everyone. Hundreds of people were invited, including Radoni's
        brother in the south.

        Radoni's brother and his wife brought their child, who was ill.
        Only a few months old, she had difficulty with meals. Jaysee's
        father, also a physician, offered to help.

        Jaysee's father examined the child and found that the tube from
        her throat to her stomach was not formed properly. He performed
        an operation to strengthen the tube and the child grew healthy.

       Chapter Eleven - The Reunion and Remarriage

        Radoni's family and friends gathered together every year. They
        chose a large open area in the middle of the forest. Everyone
        brought food and drinks. Some travelled hundreds of miles from
        north, south and west to attend the reunion.

        Neld, married to a woman from the north, made sketches of the
        scenes and wrote the names of those who attended.

        This year, Onion and Jay celebrated their first anniversary.

        Neld spoke, "Let us all wish Onion and Jay many happy years."

        Onion blushed, "Thank you all for your good wishes."

        Onion and Jay had been married in another part of the forest.
        Jay's daughter, Mary, led Onion's path to a small bridge over a
        stream. Mary carried a basket of flower petals and cast them in
        front of Onion. The preacher stood on the bridge while Onion and
        Jay approached from opposite sides of the stream.

        Family and friends watched from a gentle slope on Jay's side of
        the stream. A small group played songs of love and devotion. The
        preacher spoke to the people.

        "I have been a preacher for thirty years, my dear friends, and
         this is the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. May you
         all be blessed by it. And let us pray for the marriage of Jay
         and Onion."

        Radoni stood by the preacher to offer Onion's hand to Jay.

       This ends the current sequel of Onion's life.