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Friday, June 16, 2017

Divine Moments; Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences - Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark included in her book, an experience which I had after my mother died. DIVINE MOMENTS, Page 118, paperback, 'A GOLDEN LIGHT'

Early in 1995, about one year before my mother's death, December 14, 1995, I saw a copy of the book Beyond the Light, written by P. M. H. Atwater. I seemed to have many of the personal attributes of the people she described as near death survivors. I could not clearly recall any NDE event except for a brief childhood episode after tonsil surgery under ether;
I wrote to her, and she sent seminar details;
I also realized that the medical community and other folks around Pittsburgh PA were interested or involved in NDE research. For example, one of the local hospitals was cooling bodies of the patients, and repairing their blood vessels near the brain stem. Patients who survived lost all awareness of who they were, and any other personal identity, including other skills such as reading and writing.
Dr. Atwater's research seemed to me to include reputable sources in the scientific and medical communities.
In May of 1996, six months after my mother's death on December 14, 1995, and very near my mother's birthday on May 9, I was preparing for a visit to the city of Pittsburgh by P. M. H. Atwater.
Dr. Atwater had given me three names and phone numbers to call for background information on her near death research, which she was scheduled to speak about in June 1996 at my invitation.
My first call was to a gentleman who hosted near death seminars in his home for many years. He was a dedicated skeptic and did not believe the experience was real.
The second person was the mother of young son. She and her son experienced an unusual event, and had been featured on a television show. However, she felt that people would inflate their experiences to get attention, as she did.

The third call lasted about 30 minutes. I do not recall any of the conversation. The woman had experienced a profound near death event, however, she sought no publicity and received none.
The woman in my third call was Nancy Clark, who put my story about this golden light in her book.
As soon as I hung up the phone after the third call, my room, which is about 9 feet high and 12 feet square, lit up with a wonderful, pale light. I had risen from my chair, just after the call, and immediately sat back down. The light lasted about 20 minutes, then went away.
About one year after my Light experience, I asked P. M. H. Atwater if she had informed her friend, Nancy Clark, about it. She stated that the Light experience had happened to many others after speaking with Nancy, so she had not mentioned mine!
Contributor's Comments on the Experience
Editor: Were there any psychological effects of the light?
My psychological interpretation of the light was that it consisted of, or included, the spiritual presence of my mother, who had died about six months before the light appeared;

Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Friday, June 2, 2017

The unknown commandments

The unknown commandments:

1. God or any number of gods exist but can't be defined by humans.

2. Thou shalt not be bored, pay attention to the infinite reality.

3. The human point of view is only one of an infinite set of POVs.

4. Absolute goodness and truth exist but humans can't define them.

5. An intangible awareness of infinity has, and always will exist.

6. One can't disrespect others without first disrespecting oneself.

7. The intangible awareness cannot be defined in any way by humans.

8. Uncertainty is the only true faith, nothing can predict reality.

9. Belief in any dogma or scripture is a self destructive deception.

10. The so-called future as defined by humans is actually the past.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Scientific method and scientific philosophy

For about one hundred years now, humans have been aware that the apparently solid 'real world' is composed of energy fields and particles, like protons, neutrons and electrons. Science, in the form of scientific method, or more precisely, scientific philosophy, has established an amazing measure of physical accuracy in the interpretation of the logic behind this 'real world'. Scientific method, at its best, produces about 85 percent accuracy in the interpretation of bona fide scientific experiments.

Scientific philosophy, however, has gone far beyond this, to up to 99.99 percent accuracy! For example, Einstein and Bose accurately predicted the nature of Bose-Einstein Condensates about 77 years before other scientists, long after Bose and Einstein had died, produced the condensates in the laboratory. Until the condensates were proven by actual experiment, the concept had only existed in the 'cloud' of scientific philosophy. Simply put, Einstein and Bose had performed a highly accurate thought experiment.

Even Einstein's immensely intricate Theory of Relativity, still hovering at about 99.99 percent accuracy, has now been tested and has passed!