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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Scientific method and scientific philosophy

For about one hundred years now, humans have been aware that the apparently solid 'real world' is composed of energy fields and particles, like protons, neutrons and electrons. Science, in the form of scientific method, or more precisely, scientific philosophy, has established an amazing measure of physical accuracy in the interpretation of the logic behind this 'real world'. Scientific method, at its best, produces about 85 percent accuracy in the interpretation of bona fide scientific experiments.

Scientific philosophy, however, has gone far beyond this, to up to 99.99 percent accuracy! For example, Einstein and Bose accurately predicted the nature of Bose-Einstein Condensates about 77 years before other scientists, long after Bose and Einstein had died, produced the condensates in the laboratory. Until the condensates were proven by actual experiment, the concept had only existed in the 'cloud' of scientific philosophy. Simply put, Einstein and Bose had performed a highly accurate thought experiment.

Even Einstein's immensely intricate Theory of Relativity, still hovering at about 99.99 percent accuracy, has now been tested and has passed!